Corn Maze


Oct. 08.09, 2011 Weekend 005Our pumpkin farm Corn Maze is 1-2 acres. It’s a leisurely stroll with some twists and turns. It is perfect for young children & weary adults! It’s $1/one ticket.  Family friendly Halloween activity!

The corn maze is included in the Child’s All Day Value Pass so your child can go through the maze numerous times. (An adult should accompany the child and it will be $1/one ticket for adult.)

But please, don’t pick the corn.  When cornstalks begin to dry, you can cut yourself on the husks.  It’s similar to a paper cut.

The corn maze is open all 7 days but only during daylight hours. M-F, someone at the pumpkin yard (farm building one) will help you. On Weekends, you may purchase a ticket at the ticket booth.