YES!  We do sell straw bales & ear corn for the critters year round!

DSC07076Where are the Straw & Corn Products at the Farm?
All straw and corn products are on the porch of Farm Building One. It is the building closest to Route 40/National Road. You pull up to the building, make your selection and pay on the Honor System. (See Honor System below)

How much does straw cost per bale?
Straw is $6.00 per bale. Discounts may be offered if purchasing a large quantity of straw. Please call 740-928-8320 for details.

Do we offer delivery?
No, not at this time.

DSC07075What is Squirrel Corn?
It’s field corn but left on the ear. (This is not sweet corn) Our corn is Non-GMO.  Non –GMO corn is the type of corn that the Amish feed their livestock. This corn is dried and the kernels are hard. It’s perfect for squirrels! Squirrels love to eat it on the “ear or cob.” They are humorous to watch when they are eating it! Ear corn is $5.00 for a 10 pound bag.



DSC07074What is the difference between Ear Corn and Shelled Corn?
This is corn that has been shelled and the kernels have been removed from the ear/cob. This corn can also be used for squirrels, deer, some large birds like it and even in a child’s corn box vs. a sand box!. It is also Non-GMO.
Twenty pound bag of shelled Corn is $4.50 per bag or 2/$8.00.

What is Non-GMO corn?
This is corn that has not been gene modified.


DSC07077How do you pay on the Honor System?
The beauty of the Honor System is that you can purchase Straw or Corn 24/7! We have motion detector lights that automatically come on if you are purchasing after sunset. You select your item/s. Then you put the cash money in the Pumpkin’s Mouth.

What is a “Pumpkin’s Mouth & where is it?”
There is a wood (or is the word wooden) pumpkin face on the wall by the straw and corn bin. Drop your money in the mouth. You just paid on the Honor System! We have used this system for 21 years.