Good intentions

26th Nov 2014

Good intentions…..we all have them.  I started blogging in 2013 with good intentions but………..yes, there always seems to be a “but.”   And the “but” for most of us is simply that Life gets in the way.   I’m not a complete failure, I have blogged and posted to this website and sometimes, I share the blog on the Devine Farms Facebook page.   A quick look shows that my recent blogs were one in September, one in October and one in November.  This blog will make two in November!   I say “not too shabby.”   After all, do you really want to know every thought I have?   I didn’t think so!   One thought I do want to share is Happy Thanksgiving!  We appreciate the support you give  Devine Farms during our fall season.  Till next time…. Charla Devine